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亚博平台软件_湖人总决赛前言论汇总:詹姆斯回忆热火三巨头时光 魔兽志在捧杯

On September 30, Beijing time, the NBA Finals is about to start. Before the opening game, the two core Lakers players, James and Davis, as well as Howard, Rondo, and coach Vogel, also accepted Media interviews, talked about my views on the finals, and the feelings of the playoffs along the way.


James has played for the Heat for 4 years and won the championship twice. Before the game, he was also asked about his Heat career. James said, "I was 25 when I went to Miami and I spent time there. At the age of 25 to 29, I was still growing up, from a child to a man, they also allowed me to grow. We push each other every day, as I said, I fit the culture perfectly, I and Riley , Spoelstra, Wade and Haslem won the championship together. Those 4 years were a match made in heaven. And this Heat team, they played hard for 48 minutes of the game, and their move without the ball And the way of passing the ball, so that everyone can participate, these are their two most prominent advantages."


So if facing the Heat to win the championship, is there any special significance? In this regard, James said, “Absolutely nothing. No matter who your opponent is, winning the championship has no extra meaning. It is already difficult to enter the finals. If you become a winner, it doesn't matter who your opponent is." James also praised it. To the Heat president Riley, said he is one of the greatest minds in the sport.


In addition, James also talked about overcoming the closed environment of the semi-finals. He said, "This may be the most challenging thing I have done in my career so far, but I know my purpose here is to compete for the championship. Since I I entered the park for the first time and started training for the first time. My mentality is to maximize this opportunity and see what I can do. Our main business is to finish this season and fight for the championship , It doesn’t matter how many days I stay here, I can stay focused as I have done so many years in my career."


Davis talked about James in an interview and revealed his secrets in maintaining the body. "James pays great attention to details. His attention to detail in every game breaks through the sky, and he sleeps longer than anyone I know, and he will use his recovery methods in different ways. This is how he can dominate the stadium. 17 years of secrets. He always reminds me of how to improve myself, become a better player and the secrets of body maintenance. Because he is by his side and he helps me take care of my body, I can stay on the court. , To participate in the game I love."

戴维斯在一次采访中谈到了詹姆斯,并透露了他在维持身体上的秘密。 “詹姆斯非常注重细节。他在每场比赛中都对细节的关注突如其来,他的睡眠时间比我认识的任何人都要长,而且他将以不同的方式使用恢复方法。这就是他能统治体育场的方式。17多年的秘密。他总是让我想起如何提高自己,成为更好的球员和身体保养的秘密;因为他在他身边,他帮助我照顾身体,所以我可以留在球场上。参加我喜欢的游戏。”

Davis also revealed, "James really wants to win the championship. I think this championship is of great significance to him. If we can win, then the weight of this championship may be second only to the Cavaliers. He said This will be the most difficult championship in NBA history, but I believe that he will play an excellent series."

戴维斯还透露:“詹姆斯真的想赢得冠军。我认为这个冠军对他来说意义重大。如果我们能够赢得冠军,那么这个冠军的分量可能仅次于骑士。他说这将是最重要的。 NBA历史上的冠军很难,但我相信他会打出出色的系列赛。”

Lakers coach Vogel praised the close relationship between James and the thick eyebrows. He said, "Davis's personality is perfect for the team, and it also perfectly matches James. They challenge each other but support each other. This is also ours. An important reason for the success of the season."


Howard talked about his return to the Finals after 11 years. He said, "I will be grateful. I am very excited to stand on the stage of the Finals again. I am also very excited. I hope we can win the championship. Trophy.” In addition, Howard also praised the Heat center Adebayor and said he was looking forward to the match.


Rondo talked about his experience in leading the second team. He said, "As the leader of the second team, I have to take on the role of coach on the field. Maintain efficiency on both ends. I don’t want to disappoint my teammates because I’m a competitor and I want to help the team win.”


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