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Recently, a piece of news about "executives of listed companies accused of sexually assaulting women for four years" has aroused great attention, and related discussions on the protection of minors have once again been brought to the table.


Judging from the Bao Yuming incident, as a social elite in the traditional sense, as a lawyer, he has also published articles on the protection of minors, but he has committed sexual assault on women for four years. In addition to sighing that people know their faces and do not know their hearts, they also remind the public to face up to the problems and loopholes that still exist in the juvenile protection system.


Although various juvenile protection systems are gradually being established and improved, there are still cases in this area from time to time around the world. Among them, sports are one of the "hardest hit areas" for juvenile sexual assault cases, and the football world is also very different. Linked to similar cases.


Johnson, who won the Premier League championship trophy in Manchester City and represented England with 12 goals and scored 2 goals. Although he is not at the top level, in all fairness, if he plays well, he still has no problem in being a qualified main force in the middle and lower clubs. of. However, he personally ruined his own future.

约翰逊(Johnson)在曼彻斯特城(Manchester City)赢得了英超联赛冠军奖杯,并代表英格兰(12球)攻入2球。尽管他没有达到最高水平,但公平地说,如果他表现出色,他仍然可以成为中低档俱乐部合格的主力军。的。但是,他个人毁了自己的未来。

In 2015, Johnson was charged with attempting to rape a 15-year-old girl. Before he was convicted, he was terminated by the club and sponsors, including the three major games of "Football", "Football Manager" and "FIFA" Also immediately issued a patch to remove him from the game. Johnson was eventually sent to prison and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

2015年,约翰逊被控企图强奸一名15岁女孩。在被定罪之前,他被俱乐部和赞助商终止,包括“足球”,“足球经理”和“ FIFA”这三项主要比赛。他还立即发布了补丁,将他从比赛中删除。约翰逊最终被送进监狱,并被判处6年徒刑。

However, Johnson, who went to jail, did not seem to repent. In April 2017, the lace authority "The Sun" exposed fierce news. They recently secretly filmed the conversation between Johnson and the cellmate. The wide player said: "Although I did nothing, I would rather rape the girl myself. If I were not Adam Johnson, the girl’s father would not go to the police station.” This video also caused an uproar again.

但是,入狱的约翰逊似乎并没有悔改。 2017年4月,花边权威“太阳”曝光了激烈的消息。他们最近秘密拍摄了约翰逊和室友之间的谈话。这位宽广的球员说:“尽管我什么也没做,我宁愿自己强奸那个女孩。如果我不是亚当·约翰逊,那女孩的父亲就不会去派出所。”这部影片也再次引起轩然大波。

In 2019, after Johnson was released early from prison, he hoped to be able to return to the stadium, but any team in England or overseas unceremoniously closed the door to him.


In addition to Johnson, at the end of 2017, three Division B players were arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting minors and were eventually sentenced to 38 years in prison. The "Sun" has also disclosed a lot of fierce information in this regard, but in the end there is no more.

除约翰逊外,2017年底,三名B级球员因涉嫌性侵犯未成年人而被捕,最终被判处38年监禁。 《太阳报》在这方面也披露了许多激烈的信息,但最后没有更多信息了。

In addition to the black history of some players, many coaches and officials in the world football have used their positions to abuse minors repeatedly, which is shocking.


The most recent related news was that in March this year, 29-year-old Japanese football coach Jun Ishio was sentenced to four years in prison for installing cameras in the locker room to spy on female players changing clothes.

最近的相关新闻是,今年3月,29岁的日本足球教练石井淳(Jun Ishio)因在更衣室安装摄像头以监视女运动员换衣服而被判入狱四年。

And this is not a case of similar scandals in Japanese football. In September 2014, the coach of the Chiba Women’s Football Team Takashi Uemura was fired for sexually assaulting a minor player; in December 2017, according to Japanese media reports, Naoto Takei, the coach of a high school football team in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, was suspected of molesting a 14-year-old female student. Has been arrested by the police.

这不是日本足球类似丑闻的案例。 2014年9月,千叶女子足球队上村隆志(Takashi Uemura)的教练因对未成年球员进行性侵犯而被解雇;据日本媒体报道,2017年12月,日本Sa玉县高中橄榄球队的教练内井直人涉嫌骚扰一名14岁的女学生。已被警方逮捕。

Japan’s close neighbors in Asia, China and South Korea have also reported similar news. In September 2019, according to a number of football bloggers, the head coach of Jiangsu women's football from 05-06, Chen Guanghong, who had molested a young player for a long time, and his assistant Ling Yuyang were charged a huge fine and was reported by his parents in real names.


According to the content of the report letter, when Chen Guanghong was the head coach, he often used to find the team members for massage and heart-to-heart talk after drinking. He was alone in a private dormitory to trick the team members into the main force, entice the team members to take off their clothes, and would retaliate insults if they were not satisfied. Even persuaded to retreat. Some team members only took off their shirts in extreme fear, and were threatened to give them a week to consider, and they would get out if they didn't. According to the introduction, Chen Guanghong has coached in the Jiangsu women's football team for many years. He led his team twice to win the National Games U18 Women's Football Championship, trained a number of national football players, and entered the coaching staff of the national youth team.


Also in 2019, the Korean Football Association issued the heaviest ticket to the women's football coach Ha Geum Jin involved in the sex scandal and completely removed him from the football world. The coach was exposed to sexual assault on players when he was coaching the South Korean women's U16 team. After being expelled, he was still in the football circle. After entering the Gyeongju Women's Football Team in 2017, he was once again exposed to sexual assault of minors. This time he failed to escape sanctions again.

同样在2019年,韩国足球协会向参与性丑闻的女足教练Ha Geum Jin发放了最重的罚单,并将其从足球界彻底撤出。教练在执教韩国女子U16队时遭受了性侵犯。被开除后,他仍然在足球界。 2017年加入庆州女子足球队后,他再次遭受未成年人的性侵犯。这次他没有逃脱制裁。

Although the development of football is far better than that of Asia, there are similar dark sides in European and American football.


At the end of 2016, the case of a coach sexually assaulting a youth training player disclosed by the English football was the most serious case in related history and caused shock in the world football. After retired player Andy Woodward disclosed the sexual assault to The Guardian, a number of former players with similar experiences also stood up.

2016年底,英格兰足球披露的教练性攻击青年训练运动员的案件是相关历史上最严重的案件,并在世界足球中引起震惊。在退休球员安迪·伍德沃德(Andy Woodward)向《卫报》披露性侵犯之后,许多经验相似的前球员也站了起来。

Within a week, the Cheshire police confirmed that 11 former players had disclosed to them their experience of victimization. The British children’s charity "National Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse (NSPCC)" also opened a 24-hour hotline with the support of the FA, and reportedly received more than 50 complaints within 2 hours


In addition to the above cases, football powers such as Italy, France, and Argentina are also high rates of sexual abuse of minors. The well-known clubs or individuals involved include Chelsea, Lyon, River Plate, the Independence team, and Ronaldo’s enlightenment coach Elgin Dario Si et al.


On September 22, 2011, the movie "The Melting Pot" was released in South Korea. This film tells about the sexual abuse of deaf and mute children by the principal of a special education school. Strong social response.


Although in the ending of the movie, the villain escaped the sanction of the law, but in reality, the trial was restarted and the school involved was closed. More importantly, on the 37th day of the movie's release, the Korean National Assembly passed the "Sexual Assault Prevention Amendment", also known as the "Melting Pot Law."


This is a beginning, but it is far from enough.


Vicious incidents of sexual assault of minors have occurred in various fields, such as special education schools, churches, sports youth training (especially the youth training of camp and accommodation), etc. The situation in each place is different. , Whether it is law or public opinion, it is difficult to sum up; it can be said that every field where there is a problem of sexual assault of minors needs its own "melting pot" and public attention, and through joint efforts to change the status quo .

未成年人性侵犯的恶性事件发生在各个领域,例如特殊教育学校,教堂,体育青年训练(尤其是对营地和住宿的青年训练)等。各地的情况都不同。 ,无论是法律还是民意,都很难总结;可以说,每个存在未成年人性侵犯问题的领域都需要有自己的“熔炉”和公众的关注,并通过共同努力改变现状。

Naturally, the biggest problem with minor sexual assault incidents is that it is difficult to get exposure. Disabled groups have difficulties in communication due to their own deficiencies. Exposure of sexual assault in the religious world involves complex issues such as faith issues and the forces behind the church (refer to the documentary film "Focus"). In sports, the biggest problem lies in the difficulty of the victims.


Professional players are a glamorous profession. In the eyes of the public, they are representatives of tough guys and heroism. Under this circumstance, it is necessary to open up the scars of the year to the whole world, admit their weaknesses, and bear the possibility of The prejudice that comes with it requires unimaginable courage.


On the other hand, the cruel competitiveness of professional sports has brought about a high elimination rate, and if you "cannot play", there will be many difficulties in the future of life. This makes the underage players face "ruining their career". There is no way to threaten it. These young players have been trained in a closed environment since they were young. Not to mention social experience and legal common sense, even ordinary knowledge and culture are lagging behind their peers. How do they realize that they are being sexually assaulted and choose what they deserve? The weapon of resistance?


The soundness of the youth training system, in addition to the complete technical and tactics, should also include correct education, and correct education is not only cultural knowledge, such as social common sense, legal knowledge, and mental and physical health. It is less exposed to society and more For late children, it is even more important.


In addition to paying attention to the protection of the victims, how to make the perpetrators commit the law is also the focus of attention. In Bao Yuming's case, there is a detail that this is not the first time his adopted daughter has reported the case, but it has only now attracted attention. Although there is no evidence at present, it is indeed worth investigating whether Bao Yuming’s elite lawyer’s identity is his umbrella; similarly, in these sexual assault cases in football, many people are not first offenders, and they still have previous convictions. As coaches and referees, they can eat in their original circles, and their backstage should be the same.


The protection of minors is not just an internal matter in any field, but requires the concerted efforts of the entire society. Lin Yihan, a Taiwanese female writer who was sexually assaulted when she was young, wrote her experience as "Fang Siqi's First Love Paradise", calling on the society to give more attention to those who were sexually assaulted when they were minors. Lin Yihan, who suffered from depression due to sexual assault, eventually committed suicide in 2017. She used her words and life to sound the alarm for the entire society.


Just like the line in "The Melting Pot", perhaps our efforts will not make football itself better, but we hope that football can maintain its original appearance and bring happiness and enjoyment to every child. Rather than fear and shadow; the same is true for society. I hope that every minor can grow up safely and healthily.